Oklahama Needs a Cord Blood Bank

Oklahoma Blood Institute asking to support House Bill 2421 to establish a life-saving, public umbilical cord blood bank for our state.


Oklahama HB 2421 seeking to establish a public umbilical cord blood bank

Important facts:

  • Cord blood is an alternative to embryonic stem cells. There are no ethical or moral concerns regarding umbilical cord blood. Umbilical cord blood is currently disposed of, as medical waste, after a baby is born.
  • It costs parents nothing. Donation of a baby’s umbilical cord blood is free to parents and gives them the opportunity to, potentially, save a life, possibly their own child’s, by making this decision at such a joyous time in their own lives.
  • It doesn’t change the delivery process and is only performed if a delivery is uncomplicated with a healthy mother and baby.
  • It occurs after the baby is separated from the umbilical cord.
  • A public, umbilical cord blood bank will have an immediate and dramatic impact on the health of Native Americans in Oklahoma. Presently, almost no Native American cord blood is available through the national cord blood registry. So, there is almost no way a Native American will find a match if a transplant of cord blood cells is needed. With a state cord blood bank, Oklahoma Native Americans can help each other by donating their baby’s umbilical cord after giving birth. 
  • We’re working diligently to establish an umbilical cord blood bank in Oklahoma by 2013

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