Hospital Group in India to Treat Diabetes with Cord Blood Stem Cells

Global Hospitals expects to start treating patients with type 1 diabetes by June 2010

Financial Chronicle Senior Correspondent Sangeetha G. reports that Global Hospitals, India's fastest growing chain of facilities, expects to become the first hospital in India to develop and commercially use cord blood stem cell treatments for patients with type-I diabetes.   The group expects to begin treating patients by June of 2010.

Under a project supported India’s Department of Science and Technology, Global Hospitals has been working for the past two years on using mesenchymal cells isolated from cord blood to create pancreatic cells capable of producing insulin inside the human body. These stem cells can be transplanted in patients with type-I diabetes, who either do not produce or secrete sufficient amounts of insulin.

The hospital will also study the efficacy of stem cell transplants in type-II diabetes in a subsequent study. The stem cell researchers in the group’s Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore hospitals are also in the process of developing therapies for liver cirrhosis, spinal cord injury and injured heart muscles.

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