Doctors Take Up Collection to Pay for Patient’s Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

Cincinnati doctors pay to bank stem cells from baby's cord blood.

August 25, 2009 -- Cincinnati, OH CW TV network affiliate "Local 12 News" reports on an Ohio family whose unique birth experience prompted doctors to collect funds to pay for the family to bank the stem cells from the baby’s umbilical cord blood.

The Moore family is pausing to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday and to thank the team of doctors who saved mom’s life before delivering the baby, and then going above and beyond to help protect their lives in the future.

A year ago, expectant mom Misty Moore was surprised to learn that what she thought was heartburn was actually a heart attack. Dr. Neal Weintraub discovered Misty needed heart surgery to repair a rare complication of her pregnancy called a left coronary artery dissection. "That is a mainly catastrophic event in which the main artery that supplies blood flow to the heart tears, and that caused a very dramatic heart attack in this patient," said Dr. Weintraub.

Weintraub's team performed the repair the same day that baby Haley was delivered. But in addition to this, they took up a collection amongst themselves and got other donations so they could harvest and preserve stem cells from her umbilical cord blood.

"When she was delivered, we had everything ready. The umbilical cord blood was obtained, the stem cells were harvested from the cord blood and viable then cryopreserved, so now when she might need them they're there."

Stem cells are cells which take on the property of other cells and replace them. If Misty's heart fails in the future, her baby's stem cells could be injected to replace those that are failing.

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