Cryo-Cell Continues Global Expansion with C'elle Technology License Agreement in Brazil

Cryo-Cell International expands relationship with Cryopraxis Cryobiology, Ltd.

Florida-based Cryo-Cell International, a leader in stem cell storage, has expanded its relationship with Cryopraxis Cryobiology, Ltd., a Brazil-based company known for its expertise in regenerative technology.

The license agreement will allow Cryopraxis to market and manufacture proprietary C'elle menstrual stem cell technology including the processing and storage of menstrual stem cells (MenSCs) throughout Brazil. Cryo-Cell’s C’elle service enables women to collect and cryopreserve stem cells from menstrual blood and is the only one of its kind. Menstrual fluid has been proven to contain undifferentiated adult stem cells and therefore present the potential for future utilization by the donor or possibly first-degree relatives in a manner similar to umbilical cord blood stem cells.

The new agreement is an expansion the companies’ existing relationship, a research and development collaboration which was announced in August 2009. The existing agreement allows Cryopraxis to conduct clinical studies using the C`elle technology to identify potential future diagnostic and therapeutic uses for endometriosis and stress urinary incontinence in women.

This latest C’elle license agreement from Cryo-Cell is the third in as many months and represents the company’s successful, aggressive expansion to international markets. China-based S-Evans Biosciences, Inc., a privately-held stem cell and genomics technology company, first licensed the technology throughout mainland China in August and then in Thailand last month.