Children’s Hospital of Colorado Participating in Trial Using Therapy Derived from Cord Blood Stem Cells To Treat Leukemia and Lymphoma

Children’s Hospital of Colorado enrolling patients for a cord blood stem cell transplant study

September 16, 2009 -- Children’s Hospital of Colorado reports that it is enrolling patients for a cord blood stem cell transplant study called ExCell. The hospital is one of 24 transplant centers throughout the world that will be working with the Gamida Cell-Teva Join Venture to test a stem cell therapy for patients with blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.

Children’s Hospital of Colorado and the other sites will be testing the efficacy of StemEx, a graft of blood-forming stem/progenitor cells, derived from a single unit of umbilical cord blood and expanded in culture. Currently, bone marrow is a common treatment for these types of cancers, although finding a donor match can be difficult and time consuming. While Cord blood provides the potential to increase the number of suitable transplant matches, there are a limited number of cells in each cord blood unit. StemEx employs a technology that expands this number of cord blood stem/progenitor cells, potentially increasing their therapeutic capacity for transplantation in adolescents and adults.


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