“Adult Stem Cells Saved My Life” Campaign Set to Launch

Family Research Council shares stories of successful stem cell transplant patients

Nov 12, 2009 – The Catholic News Agency reports that the Family Research Council (FRC) is beginning a campaign to spread awareness about how successful adult stem cell treatments are for a variety of diseases. The most recent count places the number of conditions successfully treated at close to 80. The program, called "Adult Stem Cells Saved My Life Education & Awareness Campaign," includes the stories of people who have been received successful stem cell treatments.

One example of the stories which will be presented in short video form is that of Laura Dominguez, who received stem cells to replace scar tissue in her neck after a car accident left her paralyzed from the neck down. She is now able to feel her body below her chest, can grasp and move the computer mouse, and is able to walk with leg braces.

Currently, the most common and effective treatments using stem cells are various forms of cancers and anemias, he said, though adult stem cells have also repaired heart attack damage, treated leukemias, lymphomas, spinal cord injuries and helped patients with multiple sclerosis and juvenile diabetes.

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